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Good Finance Bank is one of the few remaining major banks in Germany. It was founded in 1870. The head office is in Frankfurt / Main. The bank operates internationally with branches in major stock exchanges such as New York, London, Singapore, and Sydney.

All financial services of a universal bank with a focus on investment banking are offered. E-Bank, which has been a subsidiary of Good Finance Bank since 2006, is particularly specialized in private customer business.

It is interesting to divide the banking offer by customer groups: private customers, wealthy customers, business customers, corporate customers and customers from the public sector.

Good Finance Bank is not making good headlines

Good Finance Bank is not making good headlines

She recently failed the second part of a stress test by the FED, the American central bank, because she has neither the necessary internal controls nor effective risk management for a simulated emergency.

The Fed spoke of “widespread, significant shortcomings” in capital planning. The bank is expected to be able to correct the criticized organizational deficiencies. Regardless of the problems the bank is currently facing, we want to deal with the question of how to assess the bank’s loan offering.

Good Finance Bank is a branch bank, some of whose banking products can be concluded online. For example, account openings and credit card applications are possible online as well as applications for personal loans.

A visit to the branch is required for other financial services.

The bank makes it possible to make appointments via the website, to obtain information on the individual banking products and to prepare the conversation with the clerk, among other things with the help of financing computers.

We want to take a closer look at the product page for Good Credit

We want to take a closer look at the product page for Good Credit

Customers are offered two options: the loan can be applied online or the customer can request an appointment with personal advice at a branch close to where they live. The necessary tools are available to make an appointment. It is also possible to contact us by email. Customers can receive the answer by email or have them call them back.

Links to both options are clearly visible above the break. If the customer clicks on “Apply online”, they will be forwarded directly to the credit request. It is better to first scroll down and find out about the conditions in detail. Various links lead to information about the loan terms, the application process and a detailed FAQ area.

If you make the effort to click on all tabs, you will receive all the essential information about the loan offer in a clearly arranged manner. Customers can also use the Good Finance Bank loan calculator to estimate the monthly debits of the desired personal loan.

It should be emphasized positively that the loan calculator does not assume the cheapest effective interest rate, but the interest rate in the two-thirds example. This gives customers a relatively realistic estimate.

The layout of the product page is limited to the essentials and is not, as with some other websites, overloaded. Clear navigation prompts customers to obtain comprehensive information about the loan offer.

The information is presented fairly and understandably. Nowhere does the impression arise that customers are urged to take out a loan.

The loan offer from Good Finance Bank

The loan offer from Good Finance Bank

Apart from credit cards, personal loans can be taken out online alone. For all other credit products, an appointment with a branch is required.

In addition to consumer credit, the bank offers a private loan for university graduates, a student loan and practically all possible forms of real estate financing. The private loan for university graduates can also be used to refinance services.

Loan amounts of up to USD 50,000 are possible with terms of up to 120 months. The interest rate depends on creditworthiness.

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