Being the first in your family to go to college is a big accomplishment. But, for first generation college students like Rocky, it also has its unique challenges. That’s why we’ve launched the Bronx Princess Outreach Campaign to improve access to educational resources for urban youth and bridge the educational divide in immigrant families. BRONX PRINCESS is an effective way of promoting dialogue within immigrant families and guiding youth toward post-secondary education.

For an in-depth classroom and community discussion guide.
For a reading list inspired by Bronx Princess' themes of Africa and education.

How to Apply to College:

Letters between Mothers and Daughters:

Resources for First-Generation College Students:

We are collaborating with several grassroots and national partners to use the film to engage youth and immigrant communities, and we invite a diverse range of organizations to join us. A few of our partners are:

- Africa Action
- Brotherhood-Sister Sol
- National Association for College Admission Counseling
- National Council of Negro Women
- What Kids Can Do

Please contact us letting us know how your organization can use Bronx Princess to support first generation college students through screenings, discussions, or other events. Send an email to: Yoni Brook & Musa Syeed

For additional BRONX PRINCESS resources to help organize your community screening, you can partner with American Documentary, the producer of the PBS series P.O.V. Just register and log on to the AmDoc Community Network.